VR Shinecon

Author: Andreas Johannsen
Date: 23 May, 2016

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Once again, we’ve stopped by China in our quest to find a great virtual reality headset at a very low price. China’s VR jungle has not grown smaller, and it still holds some good offers for cheap VR headsets. This time, we have our sights on Shinecon – a VR headset that provides a much better and more immersive experience than Google Cardboard, but still at a very low price.


Buy VR Guide Score

  • Low price
  • Good VR experience
  • Works with both iPhone and Android
  • Relatively wide field of view
  • Good fit
  • Adjustable lenses
  • Sturdy
  • No positional tracking
  • Poor support via website and instructions in the headset


VR Shinecon is a VR headset made from a light plastic material. Like many other VR headsets on the market, this is also manufactured in China. This is not compromising the quality, however. Obviously, the quality is not at the same level as Samsung Gear VR or similar VR headsets. It is, however, perfect for you who are curious about virtual reality and would like to try your skills with it.

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VR Shinecon test and review

As mentioned, VR Shinecon is a very light headset, produced in hard plastic and covered in nice, soft imitation leather. The headset has two straps to put around your head. This contributes to ensuring the best possible user experience, and it ensures that the headset stays in place if you are moving around in an exciting VR experience.

Like, for instance, the Homido headset, Shinecon also has a control wheel located on top of the headset and two control wheels on the side. These wheels contribute to calibrating the best experience for the individual user, whether your eyes are close together or far apart, or whether you are farsighted or nearsighted. Thus, there is no need to wear glasses under the headset, since the experience can be adjusted perfectly to your eyes.

On the headset is a front panel, where you can place your smartphone. As is the case with almost any other VR viewer today, Shinecon is compatible with both iPhones and Android telephones. The closing mechanism in the headset also ensures that your phone is placed securely and stays there until you take it out yourself.

In contrast to, for instance, VR Box 2.0, our experience has been that this headset fits more comfortably on your head. We have had our own challenges with VR Box 2.0 putting too much pressure on the nose.

VR shinecon anmeldelse
VR Shinecon has a good fit

When you receive the VR Shinecon headset, it arrives without standard English instructions. With just two QR codes that take you to Shinecon’s own website, and another to a page that guides you to a page that guides you in finding the right apps. Instead, we recommend you save time by downloading VR apps the same way you would with e.g. the Google Cardboard headset – either in the App store or in Google Play. On the net, you can find plenty of inspiration to VR apps for download. Thus, you don’t have to follow Shinecon’s own windy way to your first VR adventures.

Just like Homido and Samsung Gear VR, the headset has settings that allow you to customize the VR headset to your eyes. We are all unique, and so is the placement of our eyes. Therefore, you can adjust how far the lenses are from each other, just as you can adjust how close you want them to your eyes. The latter option enables you to use the headset without wearing your glasses. For high strength vision correction, wearing glasses may still be necessary, however.

You can easily install your cellphone in the VR headset by first uninstalling the cellphone holder in the headset. Next, you insert your cellphone, after which you reinsert the holder in the VR headset (see above video if needed). It is a very easy and user-friendly process.

Just as with Homido, it can be a disadvantage that certain games or VR experiences require you to use a touchscreen. For this reason, we also recommend accessorizing with a so-called Bluetooth Gamepad.

Telephone Requirements

Shinecon can be used with both Android and iOS phones. As far as screen size, we recommend not exceeding iPhone 6 plus (5.5 inches).

VR Software/Contents


As mentioned above, there are plenty of VR apps available. We have experience with, for instance, WearVR, which is a sort of marketplace for VR games, VR experiences etc. Here, you can sort apps according to newest, most popular, or those with the best reviews.

The menu in WearVR app


Once again, we have tracked own the best prize. This time we found it from Amazon UK. Compared to Danish prices (seen at DKK 799), here you can buy the Shinecon VR headset for just DKK 165 without the gamepad. There is no duty, taxes, or other fees for merchandise purchased within the EU. The cost for shipping from UK is about DKK 60 in this case.


VR Shinecon has a little too much “chinglish” in their instructions and on their homepage. Aside from that, you do get a very good VR headset considering the price. Among the clear advantages are, as mentioned, comfort, which we think exceeds VR Box 2.0, but also the lightweight and the sturdiness, which are definite positives with this headset. As mentioned in the introduction, it is optimal if you want to try your skills with VR. It is optimal in the longer term as well, however, since the quality of the headset far exceeds that of other inexpensive VR headsets out there.