VR Box 2.0

Author: Jonas W. Kvist
Date: February 23, 2016

VR Box 2.0

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We swung by China in our hunt for a good virtual reality headset at a very low price. After walking through China’s VR jungle seemingly endlessly, we finally felled our prey in the form of the VR Box 2.0. It’s a very good bet for a VR viewer for those who want to pay a little more than the cost of a Google Cardboard, while getting a significantly better and more immersive VR experience.

Let me go ahead and reveal the price right away – at the time of writing only $23.95!


Buy VR Guide Score

  • Low price
  • Good VR experience
  • Works with both iPhone and Android
  • Relatively wide field of vision
  • Good fit
  • Adjustable lenses
  • No positional tracking
  • Medium immersion (lifelikeness)


The VR Box 2.0 is a cheap virtual reality headset. The quality can’t be compared to the Samsung Gear VR, nor does it measure up to Homido. However, the VR Box 2.0 is perfect for those who are unprepared to pay the roughly $100 these headsets cost. For a very acceptable price, which is currently about $23, you can still access lots of great VR entertainment with the VR Box 2.0.

Incl. Bluetooth gamepad (recommended)
Buy VR Box 2.0

Excl. Bluetooth gamepad
Buy VR Box 2.0


VR Box 2.0 Test and Review

VR Box 2.0 is yet another VR viewer made from plastic, but one worth mentioning, since it is surprisingly good, compared to what the competition offers – especially considering the very low price you will find for this VR headset. You put on the VR headset with the included straps that hold it in place in front of your eyes. This makes for a more immersive experience than those VR goggles where you need to hold the headset in place with your hands.

VR Box 2.0
VR Box 2.0 – can you get good VR experiences for about 23.95?

Just like Homido and Samsung Gear VR, the headset has settings that allow you to adjust the VR headset to your eyes. We are all unique, and so is the placement of our eyes. Therefore, you can adjust how far the lenses are from each other, as well as how close you want them to your eyes. The last mentioned option enables you to avoid wearing your glasses inside the VR headset. At a high level of vision correction, however, it may still be necessary.

It is very easy to install your mobile phone inside the VR headset by first sliding out the mobile phone holder of the VR Box 2.0. Then you insert your phone, after which you slide the holder back into the VR headset (if necessary see the above video). It is very easy and very user friendly.

As with Homido, the fact that certain games or VR experiences require the use of a touch screen can be a disadvantage. Therefore, this is one of the devices, where we recommend adding a so-called Bluetooth Gamepad. At Buy VR Guide, we have come up with an extremely low price that includes both the VR glasses and the Bluetooth gamepad (see under Price).

Bluetooth controller joystick
Example of a Bluetooth controller

Telephone Requirements

The VR headset is fully compatible with both Android and iOS phones. As far as size, we don’t recommend anything larger than the iPhone 6 plus.


As mentioned in prior posts, there is plenty of opportunities to download VR apps, and the selection is getting ever larger. The rapid increase in content can make it difficult to pick a favorite experience. WearWR has addressed this challenge with their app.


This is a sort of market place for VR videos, games, and experiences – that includes both free and paid apps. You have the option of sorting them according to most popular, newest, or according to best reviews. I myself have become a big fan of WearVR, and can highly recommend downloading this app, so you can find the best VR content for your phone.

The menu of the WearVR app


Once again, we have tracked down the very best price. At the time of writing we found these on eBay.

Incl. Bluetooth gamepad
Buy VR Box 2.0

Excl. Bluetooth gamepad
Buy VR Box 2.0


Just like with Homido, you should not compare VR Box 2.0 to significantly more expensive VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. VR Box may be at the low end of the price range, but having tried the VR headset, I was quite positively surprised at the experience delivered by this headset. I would define the headset as a mid-range VR headset like Homido, but in the somewhat lower end of this range. The quality of this headset simply doesn’t seem to be up to the standards of Homido, but at just DKK 180 for a VR headset, VR Box 2.0 is, with the quality it does deliver, a very good bet for a mid-range VR headset.

If you are someone who wants a little more than Google Cardboard, but don’t want to spend too much before trying what VR is all about, I recommend buying a VR Box 2.0 VR headset.