Author: Andreas Johannsen
Date: February 17, 2016

Homido review

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After having read and heard good things about Homido, I finally decided to buy their VR headset. Homido is a VR viewer that uses the screen, sensors, and computer power of your smartphone to teleport you into a virtual reality world. By now there are many discount VR viewers – Homido, however, is not discount, but rather more of a midrange product. It’s no Samsung Gear VR, but if you don’t have a Samsung phone, it’s one of the best bets for a VR viewer!


Buy VR Guide Score

  • Good VR experience
  • Works with both iPhone and Android
  • Relatively wide field of vision
  • Sturdy
  • Good fit
  • Adjustable lenses
  • No positional tracking
  • Medium immersion (lifelikeness)


Like the Oculus Rift, Homido was actualized through a Crowdfunding campaign, and like Oculus Rift, Homido also exceeded their goal. When their campaign ended, the goal had been reached with a whopping 335%. Homido has made an effort to create an ideal VR headset in the middle of the price range. The target group is the consumer who wants more than just a glimpse into the world of VR, but at the same time isn’t quite prepared to invest in a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Out of the many plastic VR headsets available on the market currently, Homido is by far the best.

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Homido Review

Homido is a VR viewer made of plastic. It has two straps used to hold the VR glasses in place in front of your eyes, both the regular one that goes around your head, and one to put over your head that is attached to the front of the goggles and the back of the other strap. I definitely recommend using both straps, since it improves the experience and ensures that the goggles doesn’t fall down over your nose or gets lose when you move around.


As with, Google Cardboard, I wouldn’t recommend using glasses under this headset, as the experience simply becomes too uncomfortable. However, Homido has accommodated this problem with three different lenses included in the package. One for near-sighted vision, one for regular vision, and one for far-sighted vision.


Homido VR headset review
Homidos VR Headset

On each side of the headset are two red knobs, and on top of the headset is another red knob. These are all tools you can use to calibrate the distance between your eyes and the lenses in order to achieve the best possible experience.

As happens occasionally with other VR glasses, the glass can start to fog up after a while, which Homido has accommodated as well by creating ventilation holes at the top of the headset.

In the front of the VR headset is a holder for your phone and unlike, e.g. Samsung Gear VR it can be used with almost any smartphone. As seen in the picture, the phone holder is essentially a heavy-duty clip holding the phone in place. The only drawback to this is the fact that you are the judge of whether it is situated properly, since the phone is not inserted into a confined system.

When you use the virtual reality headset, it can be a disadvantage that certain games or VR experiences require a touchscreen. In order to select games, push play, etc., you occasionally have to take the phone out of the holder, only to need to put it back in place. That can be a pretty big annoyance in the middle of an awesome VR experience. I should add, however, that by using a Bluetooth Gamepad you could avoid this irritating “delay”. Bluetooth Gamepad is available at prices between $10-30.

Bluetooth controller joystick
Example of a Bluetooth controller

Telephone Requirements

The VR headset is fully compatible with both Android and iOS phones. As far as size, we don’t recommend anything larger than the iPhone 6 plus.

VR Software/Contents

As mentioned in prior posts, there is plenty of opportunities to download VR apps, and the selection is getting ever larger. Furthermore, Homido also gives you the option of downloading their own apps through the Homido center. Personally, I haven’t been blown away by the content, and I have instead downloaded regular VR apps to my iPhone.

The contents can be divided into the following three categories.

  • VR – 180- and 360-degree video
    • Video filmed with a special camera type
    • Can give you the experience of sitting at the stadium watching your favorite team winning the championship or of seeing the musical “Phantom of the Opera”.
  • VR experiences
    • Animated experiences
    • Can do things like taking you on an educational journey through the universe or take you on a ride on the craziest rollercoaster
  • VR games
    • Computer games, where you are typically placed inside the game world
    • May be something like steering a spaceship or maneuvering yourself around inside the game world.

Below, I have provided examples of two experiences I have had with the Homido headset.


It is now possible to see 360-degree video via YouTube. All you have to do is enter #360video in the search box, and then videos should appear. Many of the videos are nature experiences, flights, etc. Personally, I tried a fairly nerve-wracking parachute jump.

Air Race VR

Save the trip and entrance ticket to Tivoli. It’s obviously not quite the same, but Air Race VR still gives you a whirlwind of a ride on a small merry-go-round. It is available as a free app.



On Homido’s own website, you can currently buy the VR headset for $79,59.

Køb Homido


You can’t compare the Homido glasses to the expensive high-end VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Live. Homido is a sort of mid-range VR headset. It doesn’t provide the same complete experience as Samsung Gear VR, but if you don’t have a Samsung phone, Homido is currently your best bet for a very good VR viewer.

We wrote in our Google Cardboard review that Cardboard was for people who want a glimpse into what virtual reality is. Homido is for those that don’t just want a glimpse, but who wants to spend a little more time on good VR entertainment. Unlike Google Cardboard, this headset is much more comfortable, it has a broader range of view, and the adjustment options for vision give you a sharper image. All of this has made me a Homido fan, and if you want a little more than Google Cardboard, I definitely recommend that you buy a Homido VR Headset.