Google Cardboard v2.0

Author: Jonas W Kvist
Date: February 16, 2016
Google Cardboard v. 2.0

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The first time I laid eyes on the Goggle Cardboard headset, I was fairly skeptical, and more than anything I thought it looked like something I could have created myself as an art project back in elementary school… thus started the review of Google Cardboard, which you can read her. “New Google Cardboard” – Google’s second version of their Google Cardboard – is still made from cardboard. The experience is even better than with the first edition, however. This is why we at the Buy VR Guide recommend buying Google Cardboard v2.0, which is available via the link on this page for$10.00.


Buy VR Guide Score

VR Score_3outof5

  • Low price
  • Good intro to VR
  • Works for both iPhone and Android
  • User friendly
  • Better quality than first edition
  • Limited functionality
  • Low quality
  • Low immersion level


With the second generation of Google Cardboard, it is now even easier to assemble the VR headset, it seems sturdier, and the lenses are set in place. As far as assembling the goggles, it is now done in just three simple steps, and at the same time, it has become easier to transport the VR headset with the included box. The VR glasses we are referring to on this page is a little more expensive than the cheaper first version – but the quality is better as well. The image is sharper, and judging from the test we have done with the new Cardboard, which we found on Amazon, the field of vision is wider as well. Both contribute to providing a more immersive VR experience. By following this link, you can get the Google Cardboard 2.0 for $14.99.

Buy Google Cardboard v2.0

Google Cardboard v2.0 Review

By now, it’s a bit of a jungle to find your way around the many Google Cardboard versions that have come out. Below, I will try to give you an overview.

When this article was written, two Google Cardboard versions existed.

  • Google Cardboard
  • The New Cardboard (also known as Google Cardboard v2.0)

The differences between the two versions are:

  • Google Cardboard v2.0 is easier to assemble
  • The button for making selections is better in Google Cardboard v2.0
  • Google Cardboard v2.0 is larger and now supports phones up to 6 inches (e.g. iPhone 6 plus)

Compared to the two versions of Google Cardboard, there are tons of manufacturers each offering their version of a Google Cardboard VR headset. We have found what we believe to be the best bet for a Google Cardboard v2.0 by comparing reviews, looking at prices, and by trying some of the best versions ourselves.

Just like the first version of Google Cardboard the second generation is also fully compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. 

new google cardboard
Google Cardboard v2.0 in the storage box



Google Cardboard v2.0 is just as easy to use as the first generation. All you need to do is insert your phone in the headset, download games and experiences from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store, and you’ll be good to go in the adventurous world of virtual reality. Below, you see some of the experiences we also tried with the first Google Cardboard.

The contents can be divided into the following three categories.

  • VR – 180- and 360-degree video
    • Video filmed with a special camera type
    • Can give you the experience of sitting at the stadium watching your favorite team winning the championship or of seeing the musical “Phantom of the Opera”.
  • VR experiences
    • Animated experiences
    • Can do things like taking you on an educational journey through the universe or take you on a ride on the craziest rollercoaster
  • VR games
    • Computer games, where you are typically placed inside the game world
    • May be something like steering a spaceship or maneuvering yourself around inside the game world

VR Experiences

In collaboration with Google, the New York Times has created the NYT VR app. It provides an amazing live picture of the journalistic stories and documents from the New York Times. Essential if you love news and documentaries. The app is free and is accessible for both Android and for iPhones. There are many other available VR experiences, among them Volvo Reality, Streetview, and Google Cardboard Camera.

New York Times VR app (nytvr)

Do you get carsick and dizzy easily? – If so, you may not want to try Roller Coaster VR. In this game, you take a fantastic rollercoaster ride through the jungle, on sheer cliffs, and even under water. A fun game that may make you slightly dizzy. The app is free for Android and iOS. There are tons of other games out there, and the selection is only growing larger. So what are you waiting for?

Roller Coaster VR app for iPhone and Android


Google Cardboard v2.0 is a little more expensive than the first generation. The facts that it is easier to assemble, has a better selection button, comes with a small storage box, and that the VR experience is better than the first generation of Google Cardboard we tried, completely justifies that slightly higher price in my opinion.

The best Google Cardboard value we were able to find was on Amazon. This version from “I am Cardboard” is more durable than many of the others, we looked at, and most importantly, the quality of the lenses is higher. This contributes to guaranteeing a VR experience that is better than the competition’s. In addition, the virtual reality headset is black, which prevents the cardboard getting discolored from contact with the skin.

Buy Google Cardboard v2.0


With Google Cardboard v2.0, Google has succeeded in delivering another VR success by once against starting with a piece of cardboard. Thus, I can only repeat Andreas’ conclusion from the first edition of Google Cardboard:

Considering the price and the fact that the headset is made from a piece of cardboard, I actually think that Google Cardboard is more than adequate. Obviously, you don’t get and immersive virtual reality experience (where you feel that you are really in another world), but you get an okay “basic” virtual reality experience, which is just fine for starters. Obviously, this headset is a far cry from the experience you might get with, for instance, a high-end VR headset.

You should buy Google Cardboard v2.0, if you are interested in finding out a little more about what virtual reality is about, or if you just need many hours of really great entertainment for yourself or the kids. Google Cardboard v2.0 gets a whole-hearted recommendation from us here at the Buy VR Guide.