Review – PlayStation Move VR

Author: Andreas Johannsen
Date: February 15, 2016

PlayStation Move VR

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PlayStation Move consists of two parts: Sony’s PlayStation 4 Eye-camera and a wireless Bluetooth wand, which is an oblong controller, which has a plastic ball on top. As you recognize from regular controllers, the classic buttons, such as the square, the plus, the circle, and the triangle are also located on the controller. Similarly, the PlayStation Home button is located in the middle of the wand. Furthermore, a camera is included, making the experience of having your movements tracked more realistic. The camera must be placed either in front of or on top of the flat screen, so get on out on your living room floor and get to playing all the games.


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VR Score_3outof5

  • Motion sensors are very precise
  • Play with gorgeous graphics
  • Good interactive gameplay
  • Price – it can get expensive if several persons are playing
  • Price – you should also use a PlayStation 4 eye
  • The grip

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PlayStation Move VR Review

Right off the bat, I think the PlayStation Move VR controller is easy to use, and similar to a Nintendo Wii, in several games, all you have to so is swing it around like it were a racket, a sword, or a hammer. It works very well. Another plus for the controller is the fact that you can use it to navigate and make menu selections, when you need to select a game. In certain games, however, I think it gets a little more complicated in certain games, when you also have to push the buttons like with the regular controller from PlayStation. On the PlayStation Move controller, the buttons are relatively small, and unlike the regular controller, they can be hard to his, when you are in the middle of a swordfight fighting for your life, for instance. I suppose that in time, you get much better at using the buttons, but for me I seemed a little challenging in the beginning.

Actually, I think the controller fits comfortably in your hand, and I am also a fan of its ergonomic shape. I must admit, however, that in the long run I like the grip on e.g. Nintendo Wii´s type better.


The price for PlayStation Move can add up. You need both a PlayStation 4 eye and PlayStation Move controllers.

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At the launch, PlayStation Move VR was slightly more expensive than it is today. This kept many from buying it, especially considering the smaller selection of games. This has since changed, however, and today, there is a large selection of games.

Clearly, it’s more fun to play with family and friends, for which you must unfortunately be ready to invest in several controllers, also in a PlayStation 4 eye.

Compared to Nintendo Wii, the graphics are better, and the controller is also much more precise. PlayStation Move had a lot of potential when it was launched. But it’s not until now, with Sony’s anticipated VR headset, that I really see that potential being reached.