HTC Vive Controller

Author: Jonas W. Kvist
Date: March 10, 2016htc vive controller

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Everyone who tries Virtual Reality for the first time look down in search of his or her hands and body. If you do find the hands, you can’t move them – just as you can’t move your legs. You come to the realization that you have arrived in a different world, where you have become a quadriplegic. I have tried HTC Vive and their controllers, and just like a VR miracle, I could move around for the first time, as well as use my arms and hands. Hallelujah!


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  • Natural/intuitive to use
  • Wireless
  • Positional tracking
  • High PC requirements


Most who try VR for the first time, expect to have hands in the virtual world just as they do in the real world. You feel that you are being teleported into another world. What you see seems realistic, and because of this, you assume that your whole body and not just your “brain” was teleported. The reality is that in the vast majority of VR headsets you have neither a body, nor arms or hands. Once the fascination over the new VR world has subsided, not being able to move or interact properly with all the new things you see in front of you soon becomes frustrating. HTC have asked themselves, how many people actually care about going into a virtual world, where they have neither arms/hands nor legs? They apparently found that the answer was very few would, and therefore they have developed their HTC Vive controller. They are used as virtual hands, and by using them, you can interact in almost the same way you can in the real world.

HTC Vive Controller Review

The most optimal would be to be able to see and use your own hands in the virtual world. This has been tried, but it doesn’t work well enough yet, and therefore controllers like HTC’s are necessary. It is important when making controllers that must be used as your own hands that it is (almost) as natural using them as using, well – your own hands. I have tried the HTC Vive controller several times, and I can tell you immediately that I’m a big fan. This is because they accomplish precisely the most important thing required. All the technical details about how they track, how fast, etc. don’t matter. The most important thing is – does it feel natural? And the answer is a big resounding “YES”.

Still, I don’t want to cheat those who would still like to know a little more about the technical details.

The HTC Vive controller are wireless and have a battery life of about 4 hours.

The controllers include all the necessary functions necessary to achieve a good overall experience, such as a circular touchpad for swiping / changing weapons, a home button, and a button for your index finger behind the grip. The controller also has built-in haptic feedback, making the experience more lifelike. If you have relatively small hands, it can be a little challenging to swipe your thumb across the touch pad located in front of the controller – it can be hard to reach.

The question is related to the more technical – does it work? And again, the answer is – a big resounding “YES”.



The price for HTC Vive (the whole package) was recently set at 799 dollars. The controllers are included. They aren’t included with the Oculus Rift.



If you want to have “hands” in VR, you need to buy HTC Vive. Here, their controllers are included, giving you the hands you need in the virtual world. As you can probably tell, I’m a pretty big fan of HTC Vive, and I’m not the only one. By now, I have read and seen many reviews of HTC Vive, and the common denominator is the fact that there were only praises for what HTC has developed. The sense of being present in the virtual world is simply impressive.

The HTC set that includes the controllers is at the expensive end of the spectrum. In addition, as with Oculus, you need a powerful PC. In return, you get an incredibly fascinating VR experience that is among the finest available in VR thus far.

Therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate VR experience, where you both have hands and the ability to move around in the virtual world, you need to buy HTC Vive.

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