About us

buyvrguide.com is operated by a team of dedicated VR (Virtual Reality) enthusiasts. We believe that 2016 is the year, where VR will really have a break-through. Things are moving very quickly at the moment, and with all the new options, it can soon seem like a jungle of information and technology. This is the reason we believe that there is a need for a clear and user friendly homepage that talks about the most important and newest VR equipment and guides the individual in purchasing the VR equipment that best matches his or her expectations and finances.

Our goal is also to create a VR portal that, first, gives you greater insight into the options available on the market. Secondly we want to give you the needed security for when you complete your VR purchase on the internet, be it a VR headset (also known as a HMD – Head Mounted Display), a controller that works with VR or a PC with enough power to create a flawless VR experience.

Jonas W. Kvist